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Our craftsmanship and professional skills are proof you can trust your project to us! Take a look at our before and after gallery.


Unlimited Contracting is more than a home remodeling services provider. We are professionals who know how to get the job done right!

Home Remodeling Kansas City

Unlimited Contracting is Kansas City’s BEST home remodeling service, and we’ll do anything to hang on to our top spot! We have a reputation for excellence in skills and service that comes directly from our loyal clients. They know that we’ll do anything to take care of their home remodeling jobs. In the Kansas City area – Missouri and Kansas locales included – Unlimited Contracting, LLC is the only home remodeler you’ll need to hire!  If you’re looking for home remodeling Kansas City, give us a call right now!

When you are looking for a home remodeling company in Kansas City or the surrounding area, you know that actions speak louder than words. You don’t want a company that simply claims to be the best; you actually want the best company for the job. That’s completely understandable since the company’s fees will be coming out of YOUR pocket, and YOU are the one who has to live with the work once the job is done!





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Our Reputation

At Unlimited Contracting, we certainly don’t mind putting our money where our mouth is, as they say. Here are a few of the reasons we believe that we’re the supreme choice for home remodelers in Kansas City: 

  • We have a near-perfect 5-star rating on HomeAdvisor. We are screened and approved for all sorts of home remodeling services, including additions and general remodeling, painting, tile work, and more. This certification proves that we are trusted in our community and well beyond. You, too, can trust us to complete those little jobs you haven’t gotten around to yet. 
  • We’re on social media – Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp – so you can see customer reviews, comments and photos of work we’ve successfully completed. Unlimited Contracting has nothing to hide, so we are happy to share our work on social media for all to see, and we are proud of the positive reviews we receive! 
  • We treat your job like it’s our own. We work as hard for you as we would on our own home or business. We give every project adequate time and unprecedented attention to detail. You won’t find another home remodler in Kansas City who will treat you like family the way we will. We’ll give 100% and we won’t quit until you are completely satisfied with your remodeling or repair job. 
  • We handle all types of projects. It’s right there in our name: unlimited. Of all the remodeling contractors in Kansas City, Shawnee, Mission, Leawood, Overland Park, Olathe and any other city in the area, for that matter, we can handle any project! Big or small, basement or closet – you won’t find anyone else who can meet ALL your improvement needs like Unlimited Contracting! 

As we mentioned above, we serve a wide range of cities. It’s good business to work with people you know and trust. Because we treat our clients like family right from the start, we forge strong relationships with them which leads to repeat business and great word-of-mouth recommendations…the best advertising we could ask for! 

Upon request, we can even provide the names and contact info of past clients who have had similar services to the ones that you are inquiring about. These references are another way we provide honest feedback to our potential clients. 

In addition to references, we can provide you with a detailed estimate of services so that you can look it over in your own time – or even compare it with another home remodeling company if you wish. We certainly don’t mind, since we always provide fair, honest rates. We will even itemize your estimate so that you know where every penny will go. 



Our Services

With a name like Unlimited Contracting, we often get asked about the services we actually provide. Below is a list of our most common services. You can learn more about each on our “Services” page: 

Home Repairs

Home Maintenance



Handyman Services



Basement Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

You can see that even with this lengthy list, each point represents dozens of smaller jobs. Most Do-It-Yourself-ers don’t have the wide range of skills, tools and experience it takes to pull off jobs like these, let alone a few of them in the same day. 

That’s why you need Unlimited Contracting! Even if your “honey-do” list has grown to include ten or more jobs, depending on how involved they are, we could take care of all of them in a single day. Of course, bigger jobs will take a little more time than that, but be assured that we will be as efficient as possible to make the most of your time – and ours! 

We work quickly, too. So that remodeling project you’ve been putting off because you never seem to have a block of time to do it? We can be in and out fast with very little inconvenience to you and your family! 


Home Remodeling

We love working on our client’s residential projects. There are so many things required to be a great residential contractor: the level of professionalism required, the high quality of your work, and the client’s absolute satisfaction.  Good thing that Unlimited Contracting has all of that down!  When you want your Kansas City home remodeled, don’t skimp on your standards.  Only choose a company that is going to meet those requirements!

We know that there are other things that are important to you as well!  For starters, you live there. Your home has to be functional at all times of the day and night, both during our time there and after we’re done. Also, we will be in your home, interacting with your family, so you will expect trustworthy, friendly crew members – and that’s exactly what you’ll get! 

Unlimited Contracting LLC 1310 N 78 Terrace #12791 Kansas City, KS 66112 (913) 701-2500

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Home Remodeler 

If you’ve considered hiring a remodeling contractor in Kansas City to do your odd jobs, it’s time you take a closer look! There are plenty of reasons to DIY jobs around the house: save money, save time, pride in one’s home and handy work. Doing a job yourself can save labor costs, and you may even enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that you get when you complete a few projects on an occasional Saturday. And many people simply don’t want the hassle and hurry-up-and-wait that goes along with hiring a professional contractor to do the work. 

However, you probably don’t have tons of extra time to be working around the house every spare minute. And most people don’t have the experience that a professional home remodeling contractor has, which means that a “quick and easy” job can turn into a huge mess pretty quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing! 

When you hire a handyman or any of the remodeling contractors in Kansas City, Shawnee, Mission, Leawood, Overland Park, or Olathe, make sure they are 100% professional! You’ll receive the highest quality work at great rates, along with guarantees and warranties that you won’t have if you go it alone.

There are many benefits to choosing a company like Unlimited Contracting: 

Experienced, Skilled Workers

The crews we send out are highly trained and skilled in many areas of home improvement. They can get the job done much faster than most DIY-ers because it’s what they do every single day! 

The level of work you see from our crews will always be top-notch. Our reputation is only as good as the last job we did, and we never forget that! 

Saves Time

Unlimited Contracting knows that your time is valuable, and we think ours is, too! We won’t put you off or waste time when working on your home or business. We’ll do an estimate as soon as we can after you contact us, and we will quickly respond to any additional questions you have throughout the job. 

Plus, we have all the tools, parts and equipment it takes to do the job right the first time, so we won’t have to make repeated trips to the hardware store – like you might have to do if you attempt an unfamiliar project on your own. 

Saves Money

Sometimes, home and business owners can’t fathom how paying someone for a home remodeling or handyman job can actually save them money. They think that they can save much more money handling the project themselves. 

It may not seem logical at first, but consider how much money you could spend purchasing tools that you may never use again, or all the discarded materials you may have because you bought too much or made mistakes simply due to lack of experience. This is particularly true with any kind of construction project or tile work. 

Less Hassle

Overall, hiring a home remodeler in Kansas City or any of the surrounding areas will be much less hassle for you…IF you get a good one! Unlimited Contracting employs self-sufficient workers, meaning that you won’t have to supervise their work to make sure the job is done right! 

If you have a repair or remodeling project, don’t hesitate to call Unlimited Contracting TODAY



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