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Our craftsmanship and professional skills are proof you can trust your project to us! Take a look at our before and after gallery.


Unlimited Contracting is more than a home remodeling services provider. We are professionals who know how to get the job done right!

Basement Remodeling Kansas City

Unlimited Contracting is Kansas City’s BEST basement remodeling contractors, and we can prove it with our stellar reviews! We have a reputation for excellence in skills and service that comes directly from our loyal clients. They know that we’ll do anything to take care of their basement remodeling projects in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. In the Kansas City area – Missouri and Kansas locales included – Unlimited Contracting, LLC is the only basement remodeler you’ll need to hire!  If you’re looking for basement remodeling Kansas City, give us a call right now!

When you are looking for a basement remodeling company in Kansas City or the surrounding area, you know that actions speak louder than words. You don’t want a company that simply claims to be the best; you actually want the best company for the job.  That’s completely understandable since the company’s fees will be coming out of YOUR pocket, and YOU are the one who has to live with the work once the job is done!


Our Reputation

At Unlimited Contracting, we certainly don’t mind putting our money where our mouth is, as they say. Here are a few of the reasons we believe that we’re the supreme choice for basement remodelers in Kansas City: 

  • We have a near-perfect 5-star rating on HomeAdvisor. We are screened and approved for all sorts of home remodeling services. This certification proves that we are trusted in our community and well beyond. You, too, can trust us to complete the remodeling projects that are important to you have done right, the FIRST time. 
  • We’re on social media – Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp – so you can see customer reviews, comments and photos of work we’ve successfully completed. Unlimited Contracting has nothing to hide, so we are happy to share our work on social media for all to see, and we are proud of the positive reviews we receive! 
  • We treat the remodeling projects in your home like we’re working on our own. We work as hard for you as we would on our own home or business. We give every project adequate time and unprecedented attention to detail. You won’t find another basement remodeler in Kansas City who will treat you like family the way we will. We give 100% and we won’t quit until you are completely satisfied with the project you’ve hired us to bring in to creation. 
  • We’re all over the map!  NO REALLY!  Our clients can be found all over the Kansas City Metroplex. Of all the remodeling contractors in Kansas City, Shawnee, Mission, Leawood, Overland Park, Olathe and any other community in our area, we keep earning referrals and attracting customers from all around the city!

As we mentioned above, we serve a wide range of cities. It’s good business to work with people you know and trust. Because we treat our clients like family right from the start, we forge strong relationships with them which leads to repeat business and great word-of-mouth recommendations…the best advertising we could ask for! 

Upon request, we can even provide the names and contact info of past clients who have had similar services to the ones that you are inquiring about. These references are another way we provide honest feedback to our potential clients. 

In addition to references, we can provide you with a detailed estimate of services so that you can look it over in your own time – or even compare it with another basement remodeling company if you wish. We certainly don’t mind, since we always provide fair, honest rates. We will even itemize your estimate so that you know where every penny will go. 


Our Services

With a name like Unlimited Contracting, we often get asked about the services we actually provide. Through the years, our teams cut their teeth on every home improvement and remodeling project that you can imagine!  With growth comes change, and as we grew we honed in on the core services that we feel we can best serve our clients in.  Those are primarily Basement Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, and Main Floor Remodeling.


Your Projects, Our Passion

We love working on our client’s remodeling projects.  There are many things required to be a great residential contractor, but three that are indispensable: an intense level of integrity and professionalism, a ridiculously high quality of work, and the client’s absolute satisfaction.  As local, trusted, professional remodelers, Unlimited Contracting has been told by our clients time and time again that we surpass these exceptionally high standards.  When you want your Kansas City basement remodeled, don’t skimp on your standards.  Only choose a company that is going to meet those requirements – we hope that you will give us the opportunity to speak with you to begin that process!

We know that there are other things that are important to you as well!  For starters, you live there. Your home has to be functional at all times of the day and night, both during our time there and after we’re done. Also, we will be in your home, interacting with your family and pets, so you will expect trustworthy, friendly crew members – and that’s exactly what you’ll get! 


Unlimited Contracting LLC 1310 N 78 Terrace #12791 Kansas City, KS 66112 (913) 701-2500


Trust – An Important Factor for Hiring a Professional Basement Remodeler 

If you’re considering hiring a basement remodeling contractor in Kansas City, you know that there is a lot on the line!  You’ve likely considered at this point that this is going to be a large expense, and so the importance of making the right choice for your contractor is top priority.  At Unlimited Contracting, we understand the level of comfortability that you must have from the get-go in order to move forward with your project.  Here’s what some of our client’s have had to say about that:

Unlimited Contracting recently remodeled our basement….From the beginning, Anthony put our minds at ease by being a reliable, courteous contractor.  – Sara B.

We have worked with other contractors before with minimal success. Unlimited Contracting was different from the start as they were easy to communicate with, timely with their responses and arrivals, and efficient with their scheduling. The work was immaculate and we will definitely be using them for any future projects.  – Stan D.

Anthony and his team are very trustworthy, communicate every aspect along the way and do whatever it takes…  – Casey S.

As we’ve been stating, we KNOW how important it is to you that when you’re in the midst of an important decision like this, you can rest easily knowing that those who you’re entrusting with your home can be trusted and will continually throughout the project, keep your mind at ease.  So, no matter which remodeling contractors in Kansas City, Shawnee, Mission, Leawood, Overland Park, or Olathe, you might consider for the job, please make sure they are 100% professional and will take care of you like we will! 


Exceptionality as a Remodeling Contractor

We like to think that we have set ourselves apart from the competition.  Here’s how: 

Experienced and Skilled Team Members

Our team members are family.  Maybe not by blood, but we care about and respect each other.  We want to eliminate any barriers that may prevent our team members from being 100% present in mind and body when they are on the job.  In order to satisfy that, we: do a lot of due diligence in our hiring process, are constantly improving our training processes, check in with our teams daily and weekly in ongoing training and discussions, keep everyone up to date on trends, new requirements and certifications, and regularly make sure that each individual is feeling both mentally and physically prepared for their assignments, while giving them the tools to do so.  We always seek to bring in to your home, men and women who are highly trained and skilled in their respective fields, to give your home and family the fulfilled dream you’re looking for.


There are many remodeling “companies” in town.  There are several that have fully legitimized themselves and are running 100% above deck operations.  There are a handful that we might feel comfortable recommending to friends/family if we were not available to help them with a project.  But, we know of no other that goes to the extent that we do to make sure every step from the initial point of contact, to the final exit of your home has been highlighted with professionalism, concern for your input, and a thoughtful execution of the plan with care.

Quality of Product and Service

You will notice in our reviews that NOBODY has ever accused us of not being exceptional in quality.  Average is not a word that has been used to describe our services, the materials that we use, or the finished product in your home.  We take great care to work with you and the designer to pick out materials that will be both cost-effective for hitting your target budget and provide an exceptional experience in your newly remodeled space.

We’re able to achieve this by being very picky about who we partner with locally to bring you paint, tile, carpeting, wood, countertops, cabinetry, faucets, and more.  By holding fast to these standards, our clients are never let down, and our reputation surpasses the competition.



If you’ve read this far, we know you must be seriously considering hiring a remodeling contractor.  We would love to be your first call, but more importantly, we would love to be your last call.  Take your time and check us out online.  We’re sure that you’re going to like what you find.

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