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Our craftsmanship and professional skills are proof you can trust your project to us! Take a look at our before and after gallery.


Unlimited Contracting is more than a home remodeling services provider. We are professionals who know how to get the job done right!


  • Is Bigger Really Better?

    Bathroom Renovation Size Options There are countless resources online for making a small bathroom look bigger, so the bigger the bathroom, the better, right? Residents of Leawood, Lenexa, Prairie Village, and Kansas City are always asking advice –...

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  • Ideas You Never Thought of for the Basement

    More Unexpected Ideas For Your Basement Remodeling Time to remodel the basement! Let’s see…family room, home theater, extra bedroom. Any other ideas? At Unlimited Contracting, we want to give you more than just the standard options for your Westwood...

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  • Where Do Home Trends Come From?

    Source of Popular Home Trends Have you ever wondered who decides what’s in and what’s out for the year? So did we! Being in the home remodeling industry has taught Unlimited Contracting a thing or two, and we’re happy to pass that information along...

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  • The 4 Top Money Saving Tips for Your Next Home Remodeling Project

    Homeowners have lots of reasons for wanting to remodel. Water or storm damage will require some amount of work to be done, while other reasons aren’t as pressing. An outdated bathroom or a kitchen your family has outgrown are also good reasons to update....

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  • 3 Great Ideas for Remodeling Projects in Your Mission Hills Home

    Everyone is interested in getting the best value for the money, so Unlimited Contracting has put together our short list of the 3 best ideas for remodeling your home. Mind you, anything you want done is a good idea! Our list is comprised of the home remodeling...

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  • Home Remodeling Tips for the Weekend Warrior

    Wisdom is learning from others’ mistakes rather than making them yourself. Someone once said that, or at least, Unlimited Contracting thinks they should have! Being a weekend warrior is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of ambition, intelligence...

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  • Hiring an Overland Park Home Remodeling Company

    When you’re upgrading a part of your home, you want the best team available. It would make life a lot easier if all remodeling contractors were on the same page when it comes to their professional standards, but sadly they are not. Hiring an Overland...

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  • Importance of Proper Drywall Installation and Repair

    So many things can go wrong with the final stage of construction and room prep. We’re talking drywall here, and if you know anything about Unlimited Contracting, you know that we devote attention to details like drywall installation for the perfect...

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  • How to Choose the Right Sink for Your Bathroom

    Types of Bathroom Sinks Did you know that there are no less than eight different types of sinks for your bathroom? You may have thought that choosing a bathroom sink for your new home or remodel project would be a simple task, but you have actually just...

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  • 4 Different Ways Paint Can Improve Any Space 

    Almost all homes have paint in one room or another, so it’s worth your time to learn a little about its benefits for your home or commercial space. Unlimited Contracting swears by paint. It’s a quick, inexpensive way to change the look of any room,...

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