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Wednesday, Feb. 21st 2018

Questions for a Basement Remodeling Reference

When you’re thinking about a Kansas City basement remodel, it’s always a good idea to talk with someone who has had similar work done. Getting a basement remodeling reference or references from the company of your choice is a great way to evaluate the company before you commit to the project.

Adding another room to your home can give you more space for necessary functions or for family recreational spaces. Some homeowners can as much as double the square footage of their home. Building on to your home may not be an option because you don’t have enough room on your property or because it’s too expensive. Therefore, you may need to look for another option to expand the living area of your home. 

That’s where basement remodeling by Unlimited Contracting can come in handy. We have skilled team members who can take an unfinished basement and turn it into a beautiful bedroom, a home theater, or a game room. 

basement remodeling reference in Kansas City

Questions for a Basement Remodeling Reference

When you call up a basement remodeling reference – someone who has recently used the same company for a similar service – here are a few questions you should ask them in order to make your final decision: 

  • Were you happy with the end result? 
  • Was the job finished in the time promised? 
  • Did the company stay within budget? 
  • Would you use this basement remodeling company again? 
  • Would you recommend them for a friend’s basement remodel? 

These are all direct questions that will reveal other issues, if there were any. The reference may tell you that there were unexpected expenses due to changes that they made along the way or unseen damage that the company didn’t know about until the project was underway. You’ll get a feel for how the company handled surprises, both good and bad, and be able to determine whether or not this sounds like a company you could work with. 

Ideas for Your Basement Remodel

Once you’ve chosen the right contractor through careful consideration, they can help you determine what steps to take to create the basement that you envision. There are unlimited ways you can upgrade your basement. 

If you have an unfinished basement, Unlimited Contracting can do everything it will take to make it a useable space, from sealing it to adding the drywall and drop ceilings. We can also help you turn your finished basement into a home theater or bar by adding a surround-sound stereo system or a sink and fridge where you can host parties and other gatherings. 

Unlimited Contracting can give you many unique options to make your basement remodel a unique project. For example, we can adorn support beams with crown molding and trim to dress up what was once a pretty obvious eyesore. We can also upgrade the doors, staircases, trim, and windows to make a seamless design transition from the upstairs to the basement. 

Kansas City basement remodeling has never been easier than it is with Unlimited Contracting. Come to us with your ideas, and we’ll make them a reality!

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