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Saturday, Mar. 10th 2018

Remodeling a Leaky Basement

When you decide to remodel your basement, you probably have a specific purpose in mind. If your basement will now be living space, a secure storage area, or see any other type of daily use, you’ll want to make sure that it’s completely water tight. Unlimited Contracting can seal professionally your basement and get it ready for whatever step will come next!
Basements are below ground level, so they are naturally prone to leaks and condensation. Basement remodeling is a process that requires lots of experience with controlling moisture within the home as well. Wetness can lead to other issues, such as structural damage, mold, and mildew. The builder should have taken every precaution to ensure that the basement was properly and effectively sealed. Sometimes, despite their best efforts, your basement can develop leaks anyway.

Prepping the Basement

Here are the steps we’ll take to efficiently seal your basement so that you will get the best possible results from your basement remodel:
  • First, we’ll fill in any cracks or holes in the concrete with special cement that will give us a smooth surface to work with. Once that is dry, our team will coat the walls with waterproof material so that no condensation or other moisture will collect there.
  • Then we move to the outside. Unlimited Contracting pros know how to direct the water away from your foundation so it isn’t as big of an issue in the first place. We can provide flexible ends to attach to your downspouts, and if necessary, we can dig trenches and install pipes that will further help to remove the water.

Finishing the Basement Remodeling Job

Once the basement is prepped and ready to go, Unlimited Contracting will get to work finishing out the basement remodel that you envision.
Our first step is to add blocking between the floor joists overhead. This gives us more surface area to work with when adding your basement ceiling and walls.
Next, we add foam board to the concrete walls. Our pros have been doing basement remodeling for a long time, so they’ve seen just about everything. If you have had an issue with a leaky basement before, they’ll be sure to apply the foam board adhesive vertically rather than horizontally so that moisture can’t get caught behind it.
Sometimes we assemble the walls on the ground before attaching them to the walls, and other times we attach them as we go. This largely depends on the amount of space that is available in the unfinished basement. Do-it-yourself-ers think you have to build the walls exactly as tall as the room, but we have experience that tells us to build them a little shorter so that it’s possible to stand them up in the room. Everything will still line up just fine!
From there, we’ll fasten the bottom and the top, finish out around the windows and doors, hang the ceiling, and install flooring. Just like that, your basement remodel is complete. Even if you have a leaky basement, Unlimited Contracting can prepare the walls and make sure that moisture is never an issue for your basement remodel in Kansas City in the future!

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