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Sunday, Dec. 31st 2017

Hiring a Kansas City General Contractor

Looking for a Kansas City general contractor?  Well, I am sure that you’ve all heard the horror stories out there of local homeowners who have paid out tens-of-thousands of dollars for remodeling or general construction projects that end up in a black hole with no job completion and the contractor disappearing in a surreal magic act.  There is no shortage of scam artists here in Kansas City who are looking to make a buck from local, unsuspecting homeowners because of people’s refusal to do a little research, or just a general lack of being observant.  These guys rely on those kind of behaviors.

So, we thought it would be worth your while to provide a list of “Do’s”.  Proactive measures that you can apply to make sure that your money, belongings, and home projects are in safe hands.  Refuse to be the victim.  Instead, empower yourself with information about the construction industry that is going to help you find the right contractor for the job who takes pride in his business and in the work that he does for his customers.

First things first…check licensing and insurance!

Every Kansas City general contractor worth his salt will have a current license and insurance.  Don’t just assume that they do!  Ask them for this information, and make a copy of it.  Then, give the local licensing agency a call along with the insurance company.  Make sure that the contractor you are speaking with has a current policy, and ask about his history.  For example, if a contractor has been in business and licensed for several years, then it would stand to reason that they have been in business long enough to have completed some fantastic projects for lots of clients.

Get A Referral or Recommendation from those you know.

Sure, you are busy…  But take some time to talk to family and friends about experiences that they have had with local contractors.  Not sure who to ask?  Post it on Facebook!  “Hey friends and family – I’m looking for a local home remodeling contractor.  Who do you know and recommend?”  Word of mouth referrals still reign supreme!

Have a plumber that you regularly use?  Ask him who he recommends.  These guys work with contractors on a daily basis and know who can get the job done, and who is just talk.  Sometimes you might even find that diamond in the rough who has got an ample amount of time to fit you in by going with this strategy.

They want cash only?  Two words – Red Flag.

An expert contractor will take cash or credit card.  Usually when a contractor asks for cash only, that is a red flag – be cautious.  If they are asking for cash only, but in percentage increments, they could be totally legit…so don’t go calling the Better Business Bureau yet…  For example, sometimes, a contractor might ask for 20% at the onset of the project, 10-20% at the midway point, and the final percentage at the close of a project – that is a legit way of doing business.  But, we would suggest that you avoid any contractor that wants cash only paid in full at the beginning of the project.  You are likely never going to see the contractor or your money ever again.

Okay, Now Call The Better Business Bureau

When you are checking out which Kansas City general contractor to go with, you should check with the BBB.  Any official complaint about a contractor is going to be logged with the Better Business Bureau.  You can call them or go online to their website to research any and all contractors.  Contractors are graded by the BBB regarding their expertise and professionalism.  Also, any existing issues should be listed and oftentimes the contractor has had an opportunity to respond or fix the situation which will also be listed.  This should give you the extra ammunition you need to make an educated decision.

Permits – Those are the Contractor’s Responsibility

Ask the contractor that you are researching about their permit stipulations.  A good contractor will be working closely with local inspectors to make sure that the job is done right.  Because of this, your contractor will usually handle all permit applications and receiving those permits for work done on your property.  If a local contractor gives you bologna about it being your job alone to handle all of that…choose another contractor for sure!

We hope that this helps you make an educated decision on who you choose to be your contractor for your next Kansas City home remodeling project!  Of course, we at Unlimited Contracting feel that we meet all of these factors and far surpass what is necessary when it comes to positive reviews, recommendations, and referrals by our clients!  If you are interested in learning more, give us a call or reach out to us on anyone of our social media platforms!

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