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Wednesday, Sep. 5th 2018

3 Great Ideas for Remodeling Projects in Your Mission Hills Home

Everyone is interested in getting the best value for the money, so Unlimited Contracting has put together our short list of the 3 best ideas for remodeling your home. Mind you, anything you want done is a good idea! Our list is comprised of the home remodeling projects that make the biggest impact.
They also offer the largest return at resale, if you intend to sell your home in the future.
We recommend doing upgrades for resell right before putting the home on the market. Otherwise, you’ll just have more repairs to do when it actually comes time to list it! If there isn’t a definite sale in the future, we strongly suggest doing home remodeling that YOU can live with or holding off until it’s time to sell.
With that said, these three projects are best for total value and resale:
  1. Replace the vinyl siding with new siding or with stone veneer.
Siding is expensive, but it covers the entire exterior of your home, so we’d say it’s a pretty important feature! Take the best care of it that you can, and when it starts to show its age, spruce up your home quickly and easily with siding replacement! Avoid trendy colors if you’re planning to resell one day or if you don’t intend to replace it again for a long time. Manufactured stone veneer is another way to go. It really drives up the resale value and curb appeal of your home, and it drastically changes the home’s appearance.
2. Add a porch or deck.
Owning a home comes with certain benefits. One of these advantages is having your own yard, and what better way to enjoy your acreage than from a sturdy, beautiful covered porch or sun deck? A wooden addition like these will increase the enjoyment and functionality of your home as long as you live there, and they will make the home more attractive to buyers if you do ever decide to sell.
3. Remodel the kitchen.
Kitchens and bathrooms are rooms in the home that can look dated sooner than others. It makes sense, then, that they are the most often remodeled rooms in the home. There’s one caveat here, though. If you go for a full-scale kitchen remodel, it won’t have as much impact on your resell potential. Not a big deal if the project is just for you! Spend whatever you can afford and get exactly what you want!
home remodeling and renovations in kansas city
Unlimited Contracting is one of many local contractors that can help you out with remodeling projects in your Mission Hills home of any size or complexity! We are fond of residential remodel because each project is personal and completely unique. Depend on our expertise to give your home the upgrade that it’s due, or study up and do the work yourself. (You’ll know who to call if things get out of hand!) Either way, you’ll be pleased with the finished product when you choose any one of these three home remodeling projects!

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