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Monday, Jul. 23rd 2018

Importance of Proper Drywall Installation and Repair

So many things can go wrong with the final stage of construction and room prep. We’re talking drywall here, and if you know anything about Unlimited Contracting, you know that we devote attention to details like drywall installation for the perfect finish to a new room construction or a room repair!

Drywall Installation

If done right, you won’t see any of the following problems with your drywall:

  • Sunken corners due to too much sanding or too little mud
  • Cracking due to poor taping in the drywall joints
  • Uneven, patchy paint due to inconsistent sanding

drywall repair kansas city remodeling contractor

We can’t stress the importance of proper drywall installation and repair enough! Here are a few of the mistakes that inexperienced and lazy contractors will make when installing drywall:

Not checking the framing before getting started.

The drywall must have something to connect to along the tops of walls that connect with the ceiling. Adding another 2×4 in certain places can give the contractor a lot more area to connect the drywall securely. The same goes for putting tapered drywall edges along the outside corners. This will make it extremely hard to line up the corners and require a lot more joint compound to even out.

Not taking the time to measure.

You know the old saying, “Measure twice, cut once,” right? When it comes to rigid drywall, this couldn’t be truer! In two specific areas, we highly suggest that you take the time to measure before cutting or drilling. First, you should always mark the framing line lightly with a pencil on the drywall so you know where to attach it without drilling blindly, leaving you with a bunch of holes that will need to be filled. Second, outlet holes need to be measured and then re-measured before the drywall is secured to the framing. Otherwise, cracking around the outlet box can occur.

Making too many joints.

Taping drywall is tedious, and it’s the part of the job that can lead to the most problems. Instead of piecing together materials, use large sections of drywall whenever possible. Drywall is an inexpensive contractor material, so there’s no sense in having butt joints all over a solid wall. Drywall comes in 54-inch widths that allow you to avoid extra horizontal joints in some cases, and we highly recommend 12-foot sheets instead of the standard 8-foot.

Not planning ahead.

You can avoid some of the cracks that inevitably happen due to settling by planning drywall placement ahead of time. We suggest cutting out notches around doors and windows – where cracks tend to happen over time – instead of lining the drywall up with the opening. This will give the wall an added layer of stability.

In addition to poor quality, inconsistent results, you may also find that an inferior contractor won’t give you all your options. They may only offer you one drywall finish level when there are actually several to choose from!

Go with a team like Unlimited Contracting that will give your drywall installation the attention it deserves!

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