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Wednesday, Apr. 25th 2018

Should We Remodel Our Home or Move to a New Home?

Kansas City homeowners - should you remodel or move?
When looking at moving vs remodeling costs as well as positive and negatives, there are many factors that come into play when deciding weather to move, or renovate. Making a decision between moving or renovating is no small choice. It is imperative to do the research before settling on a direction. 

Growing Out of the Square Footage

Let’s examine one of the most common reasons people consider moving vs renovating. When families grow, more rooms may seem necessary. In many cases however, families can benefit from just a change in the layout of the home to make it feel more spacious, and function more efficiently. For instance, opening up a kitchen wall to create a more open feel with a pass through window design, or even knocking a wall down and going with an open floor plan is one of the many options available for improving the flow of a household. 

Increase Home Value with Remodeling

In many cases, a smart decision is to invest in remodeling your home before you make the decision to move. This way, you have the advantage of previewing what your home will look like after improvements are made, and you may ultimately decide staying put is preferable. If you change your mind down the line, you will always have the advantage of owning a home that has had recent renovations, which will sell more quickly, and add to the total value. 

Are You Emotionally Ready?

The final deciding factor should always be if you feel you are ready to make a change, and if so, how big of a change are you ready for? Moving to a new location involves a lot of research including local school districts (if you have children), home values, job commute and numerous other factors. It is also very important to consider all of the details on home improvements such as budget, quality of appliances and fixtures, and even the color scheme! Sometimes it is best to go with your gut on these types of decisions. In either case, you will enjoy a fresh new home! 

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