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Thursday, Jan. 11th 2018

Why Are You Remodeling the Kitchen? 

Looking at remodeling the kitchen?  For Unlimited Contracting, kitchen remodels are everyday business, but for our customers, they are often events that only happen once, maybe twice, in a lifetime. Therefore, it’s very important for our customers to get exactly what they want from their kitchen remodel since they aren’t likely to be doing a project of this scale any time soon. 

We always start our Kansas City kitchen remodeling projects with this question: “Why are you remodeling the kitchen?” The answers vary from, “It’s outdated” to “We need more seating.” All the reasons we hear are valid, but all of them boil down to two main categories. Are you planning on a) selling the house or b) living in it for years to come?

Maybe this is the question we should actually be asking, because your answer to it determines a lot about how we proceed with your kitchen remodel. 


If you intend on selling the house in the near future – within the next 2 years – then you’re making decisions that affect the home’s worth and, therefore, its asking price. If you are thinking about selling, we can give you advice on how to make your home look attractive to buyers while spending a minimal amount of money. This will result in a higher price for your home and more cash in your pocket when the deal is done which, we know, is your ultimate goal. 


On the other hand, if the kitchen remodel is purely for your enjoyment, we’ll advise you to think about your family’s specific needs. Now those reasons – more space, an open floor plan, or an appliance garage – will be much more important since you are actually the one who will be using the kitchen on a day-to-day basis. Don’t worry about what someone else may want in the future! Design the kitchen you want right now! 

Either way, Kansas City’s Unlimited Contractors can help you remodel your kitchen and give you exactly what you want and need for whatever your future holds. If you are unsure about whether or not you will be selling the house, we always recommend that you do what you like when remodeling the kitchen, regardless of what may look good to buyers. 

In addition, our expertise and years of experience have shown us that buyers are far more interested in structural integrity, a sound roof, and termite-free walls than they are with countertop colors and sink fixtures. These are things that they themselves can come back and change later on with minimal effort and money, choosing to go with remodeling the kitchen, versus having major work done on the frame, roof, or windows. 

In the event that you are selling and your kitchen looks just fine, we’ll tell you that, too! There’s no sense sinking money into a home that will sell just fine as-is! We can, however, help you with all the little repairs and handyman jobs around the kitchen – and everywhere else in your house – whether you decide to put it on the market or stay put!  Give the Kansas City kitchen remodeling pros a call when you are ready to start looking at your remodeling options!

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