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Wednesday, Oct. 17th 2018

Ideas You Never Thought of for the Basement

More Unexpected Ideas For Your Basement Remodeling

Time to remodel the basement! Let’s see…family room, home theater, extra bedroom. Any other ideas?

At Unlimited Contracting, we want to give you more than just the standard options for your Westwood or Mission Woods home. If you have the luxury of expanding your home’s basement without being tied to the ordinary, the possibilities are endless! Your basement can be far more than storage or just another uninspired room in your home.

The Trend

Modern basement remodels are minimalistic compared to the “man cave” trend of days gone by. You can keep the luxury and personalization without overcrowding what tends to be a small space already. This look is achieved with simplistic furniture, functional flooring, and sensible lighting choices. With that said, your basement design can be outlandish, traditional, cozy, or anything in between!

basement remodeling kansas city ideas

Here are a few of our favorite ways to spice up a basement remodeling project without monopolizing the entire room:


  • Build a rock wall – Either a literal one that’s just for looks or, if you have the right layout, feature a climbing wall in your Mission Hills basement!
  • Utilize sliding walls – If you want maximum customization, you can mount temporary walls on casters and sliders, making it possible to separate the room into two or open it up for large gatherings.
  • Interesting entry – Kids and adults alike will appreciate the retro look of a spiral staircase, and it takes up very little space. For added fun, add a slide or fire pole as an alternate entry to the basement!
  • Have fun with lighting – Most Kansas City basements don’t have windows, so light the walls or the bar for a soft glow that adds dimension.
  • Line the walls with seating – This leaves the middle of the room open for whatever.

For a complete room design for your Westwood Hills basement, consider some of our new favorites:

  • Movie room, with a twist – Rather than decking your home theater out with individual seats, choose a sectional that can be rearranged, or DIY a large platform and cover it with custom cushions for whole family lounging!
  • Sports arena – Mount a basketball goal on one end of the room, and design the floor to resemble the hardwood! You could also replicate this with a soccer field (complete with indoor/outdoor turf!) If you have the money to spend, you could even add a single-lane bowling alley to your basement.
  • Collector’s dream – if you’re a serious collector, keep your valuables and keepsakes on display all year long. We also suggest keeping Christmas decorations up all year in your own personal North Pole!
  • Kid’s mini-home playhouse – Give the kids an amazing playhouse by dividing the basement into small sections and let them “play house” in a space that’s just the right size for them!  
  • Library – All your books in one place…and a quiet place to read them! It’s every reader’s idea of perfection!

As you can see, there are many ways to use your basement to enhance the experiences you have in your home. Unlimited Contracting can help you achieve any basement renovation you can dream up!

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