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Thursday, Mar. 1st 2018

Guest Bathroom Remodeling

Your guest bathroom may not get used very often, but when it does, you need to make sure that it is a welcoming environment for your guests. Whether they are staying overnight or just using this bathroom during a party, you need to consider several key areas when you decide to do a guest bathroom renovation.
Unlimited Contracting can help you with the many important decisions that need to be make in order to give your guest bathroom all the right features that will make it friendly and functional for your guests.

The First Step: The Layout

When you have a small-ish guest bathroom, space may be a concern. Unlimited Contracting will help you come up with a design concept based on the unique layout of your bathroom. In some cases, we and the homeowner determine that major elements need to be changed, such as moving the toilet or adding a half wall. Other times, the layout of the room gives us plenty to work with.
Guest bathrooms usually don’t required as much space as master baths since there isn’t really a need for much storage. Therefore, we won’t waste time or money worrying about how to incorporate more cabinets or shelving.
New shower shelf

This newly installed shower shelf is designed to be functional, and look great too!

The Next Step: Design

Now the fun part really begins! Designing a guest bathroom is exciting because you can choose design elements that you wouldn’t necessarily want in your master bathroom. A guest bathroom can be bold and entertaining, with a bright paint color, an unusual theme, or fun accents. If the guest bathroom remodel that you will be completing is for a stand-alone bathroom, not one connected to a bedroom, you are free to experiment with any design scheme you choose!
On the other hand, you may want to stick with a similar theme for a guest bathroom and bedroom that are connected. Complimentary colors and themes are a good idea fir continuity, and you’ll make your guests feel like they are staying in a luxury resort or bed and breakfast with these extra special touches.

The Final Step: Materials

Once you’ve decided how you want your guest bathroom to look, Unlimited Contracting can work with you to choose the right materials for the project. If you want to go all-out, we can supply you with components made of authentic marble, tile, stone, and cast iron. These materials are more expensive, but they will add value to your home and last for a very long time.
For a less expensive bathroom remodel, you can opt for building materials that give you the same look, but they cost a fraction of the price of the actual materials. With our professional installation services, no one will know the difference but you!
Your guest bathroom may be largely ignored most of the time, but when you’re having overnight company, it’s a room that you want your guests to feel completely comfortable in. Unlimited Contracting can help you achieve that with industry-leading skills and knowledge to help you make that happen!

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