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Saturday, Jun. 23rd 2018

4 Different Ways Paint Can Improve Any Space 

Almost all homes have paint in one room or another, so it’s worth your time to learn a little about its benefits for your home or commercial space. Unlimited Contracting swears by paint. It’s a quick, inexpensive way to change the look of any room, but you probably already knew that. Besides being an easy way to renovate, there are a few other reasons we suggest painting as a part of most home remodeling projects


Here are 4 different ways paint can improve any space:


painting home remodeling kansas city

  • Improves the appearance

Your walls will take on a fresher, more vibrant appearance when they are newly painted. No more scuff mark or pen marks! New paint can hide little imperfections and accidents like these very effectively, and you get to start over with a clean slate – literally! We can even recommend paint types that will disguise blemishes in the drywall. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up shabby looking walls, paint is our first recommendation!

  • Completes your design goals

Taking the improved appearance one step further, you can actually enhance the design theme you have in any room with the right color paint. A dramatic color can look great in an industrial space, while a subtle neutral tone is better in rooms where you want a classic look and feel. Think of paint as another design element, just like furniture, window treatments, and accent features, and you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck!

  • Protects the walls

Paint can prevent stains and damage from affecting your walls. Some paints are stain resistant, making it possible for you to wipe away pet stains, mud, or food splatters with ease. In almost every case, painted walls are less likely to experience wear and tear. You’ll extend the life of your walls and find that you’re doing less repairs and spending less money in the long run by keeping your interior walls painted.

  • Increases your home’s value

Painting the inside and outside of your home will raise the value of it, which is, of course, very important if you plan to sell or have an appraisal in the near future. You’ll also improve the curb appeal if you paint the exterior, which makes your home a beautiful, inviting property. Even simple jobs like painting your front door or window shutters can make a huge difference. Paint gives your home a polished, ‘finished’ look that no one can ignore!

Think about paint in a whole new light! Don’t just consider painting because you think it’s something you’re supposed to do from time to time. Instead, consider all the benefits of painting your home and put some serious thought into the type and color of paint that will be applied. If you don’t know enough about paint to make these decisions on your own, find a trusted contractor like Unlimited Contracting to give you sound advice on the topic! 

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